"Sarah's coaching has been an essential source for me as I prepare for auditions. Her ability to break down scenes, steer me clear of hidden traps and give me the confidence I need going into the audition has not only allowed be to leave my best work in the room but also book jobs."
- Ward Horton (Bunker Hill, Annabelle, The Wolf of Wall Street, One Life to Live)

"Sarah has directed me with love and specificity and I use her for all my biggest projects"
- Daniella Pineda (The Detour, Homeland, The Originals)

"Sarah Paige has a keen eye and an eagerness to help others find truth and uniqueness in their read. She is an expert at dissecting the words on the page and can uncover nuances in my work that I otherwise would not have found."
- Drew Moerlein (American Psycho on Broadway, South of Hell, V/H/S)

"Sarah Paige is a terrific coach and cheerleader."
- Erik Liberman (Hunchback of Notre Dame on Broadway)

"I have worked with Sarah on many occasions and trust her notes implicitly. She's one of those rare birds who gives you her entire focus and really listens. She's always insightful with her astute observations and wicked sense of humor."
- Elisabeth Hower (Suits, Hair Brained, I Just Want My Pants Back)

"I brought Sarah on set for my first feature film because I needed someone I implicitly trusted to help direct me, coach the other actors, and keep an eye on the performance as a whole."
- Rob Yang (A Bear Lands On Earth, ABC Family's Twisted, The Blacklist, Bored to Death, The Americans)

"I booked the role! Your class has helped me in so many on camera auditions, so thank you once again :)"
- teen student (Queen of Glory)